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We empower partners & encourage philanthropy to respond to critical needs and advance an improved quality of life

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For the Greater Good


In 2019 over 45 nonprofit organizations came together to talk about collaboration and how we
can better connect people to services and services to people. We created the Northern NM
Nonprofit Alliance, or UNITE!. Our Vision is create a thriving alliance of nonprofit organizations
working together to build strong and health communities. And our mission is to facilitate
strategic collaboration among nonprofit organizations in northern New Mexico by achieving the
following goals:
1. Optimize and expand the resources available to the community.
2. Foster networking and outreach opportunities.
3. Establish a greater foothold of political power and common spaces.
Join our efforts by emailing our Community Impact Team or our Executive Director.

The community impact agenda focuses on three pillars of community – health, education and
financial well being. The foundation of our community action stands on the shoulders of our

community donors and their commitment to making a difference in our communities. Through
our annual fundraising campaign we identify local needs of organizations who provide much
needed human services support. These organizations are local 501.c.3 nonprofits who operate
in Rio Arriba and Los Alamos counties. Through our funded partners we are able to provide
support in all areas of social determinants – housing, transportation, food security, literacy,
behavioral health, and social supports.


In 2019 TRIAD National Securities, LLC, the new operator of the Los Alamos National
Laboratories, supported the creation of our Rio Arriba Collective Impact Team. The goal of the
Collective Impact Team is to listen, convene facilitate and help build collective action toward
improved outcomes and measurable results for individuals, families and organizations in Rio
Arriba and Los Alamos counties.
Our focus is to build resources, organizations and people. We know that over 60% of our health
outcomes are driven by the social determinants of our health. They are the drivers of personal
health, mental health, economic health, and ultimately community health.

Health communities make healthy people.